This is a list of all open consultancies publicised in Zambia.

Request for expressions of interest to develop and install an Electronic Certification System for the Plant Quarantine and Phytosanitary Service of Zambia
Posted: 19 July 2018
Call for an External Evaluator to provide evaluation services for the Building Bridges Project
Posted: 17 July 2018
Call for provision of consultancies services for the operational efficiency audit of the Parliamentary Reform Programme
Posted: 17 July 2018
Request for expression of interest for a safety health and environmental officer
Posted: 16 July 2018
Individual consultancy for the development of a country strategy for groundwater exploration, aquifer mapping and wellfield development
Posted: 12 July 2018
Individual consultancy for development of a strategy for the international waters section
Posted: 12 July 2018
Expression of interest for firms to conduct baseline survey for the Enhanced Smallholder Agribusiness Promotion Programme
Posted: 11 July 2018
Expressions of interest for consulting services to undertake a social survey under the National Titling Programme
Expression of interest from consulting firms for the design and supervision of concrete lining of the Kabwe Main Canal and Landscaping of the Canal Corridor
Posted: 29 June 2018

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